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1 a journey or route all the way around a particular place or area; "they took an extended tour of Europe"; "we took a quick circuit of the park"; "a ten-day coach circuit of the island" [syn: circuit]
2 a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else); "it's my go"; "a spell of work" [syn: go, spell, turn]
3 a period of time spent in military service [syn: enlistment, hitch, term of enlistment, tour of duty, duty tour] v : make a tour of a certain place; "We toured the Provence this summer"

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From tour, tourn, from the verb torner, tourner.


  1. A journey through a particular building, estate, country, etc.
  2. A guided visit to a particular place, or virtual place.
  3. A journey through a given list of places, such as by an entertainer performing concerts.
  4. A trip taken to another nation by a test side in which several matches will be played
  5. A tower.


guided visit
performance excursion


  1. To make a journey; as, to tour throughout a country.
  2. To make a circuit of a place




Etymology 1

From turris (tower).


fr-noun f
  1. tower
    La Tour de Pise est penchée. - The Tower of Pisa is leaning.
  2. rook

Etymology 2

From torner, tourner.


fr-noun m

Etymology 3

From tornus.


fr-noun m

Extensive Definition

Tour may mean:
  • James Tour, nanoscientist
  • Le Tour de France, the world's biggest bicycle race
  • A tour of duty, a period of time spent in military service
  • A guided or unguided tour of a significant building or location, often of historical importance.
  • A tour used as punishment
  • Professional golf tours
  • the Grand Tour, a journey across Europe popular amongst young British upper-class men in the 18th century
  • Another name for a Hamiltonian cycle
  • Campus Tour is a way to expose the facility and activities of University and/or college campus.

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  • Tourn, made by medieval sheriffs in England
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air lane, ambit, anchor watch, antenna tower, assignment, barbican, beat, belfry, bell tower, bit, booking, borscht circuit, bout, campaign, campanile, circle, circuit, colossus, column, continuous tenure, course, cruise, cupola, cycle, date, day shift, derrick, dogwatch, dome, drive, engagement, enlistment, excursion, expedition, fare, fire tower, flight path, full circle, full time, globe-trot, go, go abroad, go on safari, go overseas, grand tour, graveyard shift, half time, hit the trail, hitch, itinerary, jaunt, journey, junket, lantern, lap, lighthouse, line, lobster trick, loop, make a journey, make a pilgrimage, make a trip, martello, martello tower, mast, minaret, monument, night shift, obelisk, observation tower, orbit, outing, overtime, package tour, pagoda, part time, path, perambulation, peregrinate, peregrination, pilaster, pilgrim, pilgrimage, pillar, pinnacle, playing engagement, pleasure trip, pole, primrose path, prison term, progress, pylon, pyramid, ramble, range the world, relay, revolution, road, round, round trip, roundabout, rounds, route, rubberneck, rubberneck tour, run, safari, sally, sea lane, shaft, shift, shoot, shortcut, sight-see, skyscraper, spell, spire, split schedule, split shift, stalk, stand, standpipe, steeple, stint, stretch, stroll, stupa, sunrise watch, swing shift, take a trip, take the road, television mast, tenure, term, time, tope, tour of duty, tower, track, trade route, traject, trajectory, trajet, travel, trek, trick, trip, turn, turn of work, turret, vaudeville circuit, visit, voyage, walk, walkabout, watch, water tower, wayfare, windmill tower, work shift
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